Saint-Peregrin Hospital : the 3rd block is now assembled!

After the start of its assembly in February 2021, its skeleton is fully assembled and ready to receive the cladding, as are the medical and imaging buildings.

At the same time, the teams have already made progress on the assembly of the 4th block, which should be completed by the end of June.

Finally, in the medical and imaging buildings, which have already been assembled, the interior finishing touches and the installation of the electrical system have already begun.

Thanks to the know-how and experience of its multidisciplinary teams (doctors, engineers, statisticians, financiers, etc.), Altao has been present since the launch of the project. Indeed, with the support of our engineering department, we assisted the CNSS in analyzing the care needs and the existing offer, in specifying each component of the project (sizing, equipment, HR, etc.) and in developing the business plan. The CNSS has also honored us by entrusting us with the entire PMA mission for the biomedical equipment (drafting of special technical specifications, sourcing, bid analysis, negotiations…). We are also proud to assist them in the recruitment of management and medical teams, by carrying out a pre-selection of candidates based on criteria previously established in partnership with the CNSS.

Altao’s teams have been involved with the CNSS from the beginning to the end of the project, with a constant concern: to bring the most appropriate technology and innovations.

As a reminder, the Saint Peregrin Hospital is intended to become a reference hospital combining innovations and high-end services with Western standards at an affordable cost for the population. Among these innovations, we can mention its focus on outpatient care, with short-term hospitalizations covering medicine, surgery and maternity, all based on a high-level technical platform as well as an information system and innovative construction techniques.

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